Our clients expect positive results and therefore, we expect the same from each employee. In return, we will offer a work environment with opportunity for growth, recognition and the ability to contribute your particular area of expertise.

In working together with clients, vendors and the community in general, we feel the following values are critical in meeting our internal objectives as well as the expectations of the many external parties with whom we work:

Uncompromised integrity - Trust is the basis for every long-term relationship. To build a solid work team and earn the respect of our peers and clients alike, is essential.

Courtesy - The golden rule applies in all we do. There may not be a second chance to treat someone the right way.

Profitability - In order to invest in the Company to obtain better technology, educate our staff and better serve our clients, we must be profitable. We all have a responsibility to be cost conscious.

Fun - We need to remember to laugh and socialize. While the focus is to get the job done, it can be achieved just as easily and far more positively if we take the time to enjoy ourselves.

Quality - Rework is wasteful and dispiriting. In everything we do we must try to do it right the first time and to do it to the best of our ability each and every time.

Creativity - As individuals, we bring a variety of perspectives to the workplace. This blend provides fresh ideas to every business situation. We encourage creativity in helping us find the best solutions.

  • Project Manager/Professional Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Drafting Technician
  • Office Survey Manager
  • Field Survey Manager
  • Office Survey Technician
  • Field Survey Technician
  • Project Coordinator/Processor
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable Administrator
  • Office Administrator
  • Engineering Intern
If you feel that you fit one of these positions please send an email to:
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