CVC's due diligence team provides the edge needed in order for our Clients to fully prepare their site for acquisition. Through years of experience working with public and private agencies to obtain standard and sometimes seemingly non-existent records, our team continues to show measured success. CVC's due diligence report format is professional, understandable, comprehensive, and exceedingly desired.


CVC has a history of efficiency and creativity in developing workable solutions to alternative land planning issues. By acting as a liason between public and private agencies to advance through specific restrictions and requirements placed on a given property, CVC is able to craft effective land planning options for our Clients.


Through vast experience in public and private arenas, CVC has defined our processes in right of way acquisition. Upon determining boundaries and locating necessary right of ways, acquisition areas are mapped by means of legal definition and exhibits, records of survey or final map documents. Coordination of necessary agencies finalizes this phase of our survey and mapping services.


The rising demand for transportation planning has enabled CVC to focus on developing functional solutions to the pathways directing our everyday lives. We target the key needs of a community, by formulating a relationship between regulatory agencies and their constituents through active involvement in the initial phases of development. In doing this, CVC is able to provide smooth transitional movement as we convey the vision of our Clients.


CVC's work philosophy of uncompromised integrity, courtesy, profitability, fun, quality, and creativity provides the basis upon which our Civil Engineering service is built.
In combination with this foundation, CVC has an aggressive Total Quality Management (TQM) Program to maintain a consistently high level of quality. By designating a professional central Point of Contact for each project, and organizing TQM committees to identify issues, develop recommendations and implement solutions, CVC ensures that performance and Client expectations are exceeded. A sound commitment to advance with technology also aides in our ability to provide progressive, knowledgeable engineering.

As our management and engineering teams work hand in hand to create a product that encompasses these key values, CVC in turn provides Clients with a product engineered to excellence.


As a part of a commitment to our Clients, in 2006, CVC added a full office and field survey team to our staff. In doing this, we have been successful in executing timely, knowledge and expertise based A.L.T.A.'s, boundary designs, topographies, records of survey, monumentations, and construction staking. From land acquisition to breaking ground, CVC's resources are essential to creating a full-spectrum end product.

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