About Us

CVC's work philosophy of uncompromised integrity, courtesy, profitability, fun, quality, and creativity provides the basis upon which our Civil Engineering service is built. In combination with this foundation, CVC has an aggressive Total Quality Management (TQM) Program to maintain a consistently high level of quality. By designating a professional central point of contact for each project, and organizing TQM committees to identify issues, develop recommendations and implement solutions, CVC ensures that performance and Client expectations are exceeded. A sound commitment to advancement in technology also aides in our ability to provide progressive, knowledgeable engineering. As our management and engineering teams work hand in hand to create a product that encompasses these key values, CVC in turn provides our Clients with a product engineered to excellence.

Total Quality Management

CVC has an aggressive total quality management (TQM) program. To maintain a consistently high level of quality, CVC:

  • Designates a professional staff member as the central contact for each client to ensure that efficiency, accuracy and profitability of each project.
  • Organizes TQM committees to identify issues, develop recommendations, and implement solutions.
  • Standardizes the plan development process and deliverables for each phase of work, specifically Due Diligence, Preliminary Engineering, and Final Engineering.
  • Maintains processing and budget tracking logs to follow each item from start to finish. With these tools, our team is able to stay within budget and meet client schedules.
  • Scans all engineered documents as relative to project submittals for review and approval. Each item that goes out and comes into the office is scanned and digitally documented for future record.

Commitment to Technology

CVC is committed to using the most powerful, advanced engineering and mapping systems, including:

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • WSPG
  • WaterCAD
  • AES
  • Trimble Business Center
  • UAV Drone

Specific Advantages of CVC

  • Specialized in land development design throughout California
  • Recognized for being aggressive on “Costs”, “Quality”, “Schedule” and “Responsiveness”
  • Experience in Due Diligence & Site Acquisition
  • Principal Commitment & Involvement at a Project Level
  • Broad Business Line Experience & Approach to Development
  • Professional, Proactive Project Management
  • Reasonable Design Fees