C&V Consulting, Inc. (CVC) engineers provide a wide variety of civil, environmental, transportation, and structural services to both private and public clients. These services include project management, preliminary and final design, construction inspection and management, and site development for highways, domestic water systems, fire-water protection systems, irrigation/reclaimed water systems, storm drain systems with detention and biofiltration elements, and wastewater systems. CVC is an established SBE corporation whose principals have been providing multi-disciplinary engineering services to clients in both the public and private sectors for over 30 years.


CVC's due diligence team provides the edge needed in order for our Clients to fully prepare their site for acquisition. Through years of experience working with public and private agencies to obtain standard and sometimes seemingly non-existent records, our team continues to show measured success. CVC's due diligence report format is professional, understandable, comprehensive, and exceedingly desired.


CVC provides a comprehensive and creative approach to land use planning which considers the Clients' goals and objectives, project physical constraints, environmental challenges, social concerns and local real estate market conditions to develop sound planning concepts. We have the practical experience to address local agency policies and procedures necessary to expedite the entitlement process.


The rising demand for transportation planning has enabled CVC to focus on developing functional solutions to the pathways directing our everyday lives. We target the key needs of a community, by formulating a relationship between regulatory agencies and their constituents through active involvement in the initial phases of development. In doing this, CVC is able to provide smooth transitional movement as we convey the vision of our Clients.


CVC provides comprehensive civil engineering services for both private firms and public agencies, from small, infill sites to full-scale master-planned communities. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who are familiar with local jurisdictional requirements and are trained to provide our clients with unparalleled value and service.


At CVC we understand that surveying and mapping services provide both the solid foundation at the beginning of projects and the successful completion of projects through construction. Initial research of records, title analysis, boundary surveying and topographic mapping are combined to determine the constraints used in the land planning process and to establish the controlling factors for the design of infrastructure. Our field crews are fully equipped with the most sophisticated survey instruments available. Our survey management and field professionals work closely with the client's construction team to structure a scope of services that meets the project's goals and schedule.


CVC is employing the latest technology in aerial mapping utilizing a commercial UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Drone. Our pilots are fully certified through the FAA and CVC is aerospace insured to perform this level of work. By incorporating aerial drones as another cutting edge design tool, we have streamlined the topographic work flow, increasing the quality, accuracy and speed of our aerial surveys. We have the capability to prepare in-house Topographic Surveys to support the due diligence and preliminary engineering phases of a project. Throughout construction we can provide Earthwork and Stockpile Volumes, 3-D Point Clouds and Construction Progress Monitoring. Finally, to support your marketing needs, CVC can provide 4K Video and Photography.


The increasing focus on storm water quality has allowed CVC to engage in industry wide efforts to improve our environment. We are experts in compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) under the State General Permit for Construction. CVC’s team of QSD and QSP certified professionals provides Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPPP) consulting, inspections, monitoring, and training services to assist developers, builders and contractors in their efforts to comply with storm water pollution prevention regulatory compliance. Our team will help to identify potential pollutant sources and recommend Best Management Practices (BMPs) to prevent pollution from entering storm drainage systems and assist the owner in maintaining permit coverage thru the SMARTS system. CVC offers QSP services for on-site inspection & monitoring, run-off and run-on sampling, and Notice of Intent (NOI) submittal, directly corresponding with the State, Regional Water Quality Boards and other Agencies to help mitigate any potential issues and assist our Clients in maintaining compliance.